Ross Abelow is one of top minds and lawyers in the New York area. Today he agreed to sit down with us and talk. Today we are speaking with him about how to nail a job interview in a New York law firm.

“Nailing a job like this is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. Working in one of these top-notch law firms is every New Yorker’s dream, which means you have to play your cards right. You have to play the game and be better than all the others. You could have graduated top-of-your-class, but without the right credentials you are screwed.”

–Ross Abelow

Ross sat with us for a bit. He illustrated a plan of action that every law students needs to follow, if they want to nail that job here in New York.

1)It used to be that credentials were everything. This is not the name of the game anymore. Right from the start employers want new associates to start pulling their weight. New associates used to be coddled until they were ready to advance. Now new employers are expected to thrive from day one.

This is due to trying to reinvent the wheel in the office. More bosses are trying to throw away what is not working.

“Most first-years are not prepared for how hard they have to work. Right from day one they are expected to prove themselves. There is not hand-holding here. If this is how you want to be treated, find another place. Every chair is expected to uphold the position with the highest of honors. We do not babysit people. Reality will set in once you reach one of our firms.”

–Ross Abelow

2)You have to be a team-player right from day one. It’s important to work by yourself and be a self-starter too. Our associates must prove how much of a team player they can be. There is not half way on this.

3)If you are interviewing with one of our firms, you are expected to ask the tough questions. Based on what sort of questions candidates ask during the interview, this will show how worthy they really are. The more research you do on us, the better your chances are at getting a job with us.


If you have not done so already, please research Ross Abelow. Some of his links are down below. This will give you an insight on how you need to approach it all. We thank Ross for time with us today. Being the best means working with the best. How prepared are you?


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