Sentient AI – ECommerce Recommendation Engine

Using an eCommerce platform is one of the best ways to reach millions of potential customers whether you are selling products or offering services. With sentient AI, delivering exactly what your prospective customers are searching for has never been easier or more convenient.

The Rise of Sentient AI in Business Today

Sentient AI not only helps developers complete tasks and get their jobs done more efficiently, but it can also be put to use by business owners who are looking for methods of reaching their customers on a deeper and more personal level. Using sentient AI with eCommerce platforms offers a wide range of advantages, ranging from saving time when completing tasks to truly understanding and knowing your customers better over time.

What is an ECommerce Recommendation Engine?

Whenever you are shopping online and using an eCommerce platform you are likely to run into a section that includes “products you may be interested in” or “recommended items”. These items are often determined based on your previous shopping habits or even pages you have browsed on the website itself. Using an eCommerce recommendation engine with sentient AI is one way to resonate with your customers without seeming overly eager or “salesy”, turning many individuals away.

It is also possible to implement sentient AI into an eCommerce recommendation engine that is linked to your email marketing campaign manager, allowing you to share recommended products and services with “thank you”, “welcome”, and “confirmation order” emails that you provide to shoppers.

Why Use a Sentient AI ECommerce Recommendation Engine?

Sentient AI helps to quickly gather, organize, and store data from various sets with specific paramaters as you see fit. Want to know more about individuals who have abandoned shopping carts? Sentient AI can quickly organize and compile the data you need to better reach your prospective shoppers. Are you looking to keep shoppers interested in your products by showcasing accessories and similar solutions? Sentient AI is able to provide this instantly on your eCommerce platform without additional manual coding and time necessary.

Using sentient AI in conjunction with eCommerce platforms today helps to streamline the process of attracting and keeping customers while also providing options for additional purchases in the future (or presently). By using sentient AI you not only save time when creating recommended products but you are also able to openly see what sells and which type of recommendations work best for your audience and target demographic. View Sentient’s profile at