How to Get the Best Hair Care Products

There are many products in the market today for your hair but it is very important to ensure you purchase the right one. As a woman, taking care of your hair is very important so as to ensure you improve the overall health and appearance of your hair. WEN by Chaz is a well-known collection of hair products that has been designed to ensure your air remains nourished, strong, protected and revitalized. In case your hair needs a variety of care needs, Wen by Chaz will be the best choice for you. With continued usage of this products, your damaged hair will be in a position to restore back its health since it is convenient and has natural ingredients.

Using Wen products will give you an easy time with your hair since it will be manageable. You will be in a position to easily style and brush your hair by using cleansing conditioner which has entangling properties. You will also be able to increase the color retention of your dyed hair by using Wen cleansing conditioner which will restore health to your hair. Using devices such as curling irons and hair straighteners to style your hair is not the best way to take care of it since it makes it weak.


For women, hair is their head suit hence it is very important to take care of it. Shampoo is a very important product to use with your hair since it fights with any kind of dryness. In case you have a scratchy scalp, it is advisable for you to clean your hair with an anti-itch shampoo. There are different varieties of hair conditioners available on Guthy-Renker or QVC stores which you may use depending on your hair type. Conditioning you hair will make it soft, less frizz, less tangling and will also help you retain your hair color.


Kenneth Goodgame, a Successful Retail and Merchandising Leader

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the prominent and most respected experts in the fields of marketing, sales as well as retail merchandising. Currently, Mr. Goodgame serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of True Value Hardware Corporation a firm headquartered in Chicago.

Upon joining this firm in 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was appointed the Senior Vice president and since then, he continues to serve the same position. With an extensive and wide experience in retail, he has managed to boost and increase sales made by True Value Corporation and this is a great achievement. In all the firms he has worked with, Kenneth strives to ensure growth is achieved.

His Abilities

In addition to his exceptional and impressing work at True Value Corporation, he has played an important role in transforming several firms following his abilities and extensive skills. Some of the firms that he previously worked with include Newell Rubbermaid, Home Depot, Ace Hardware Corporation as well as Techtronic Industries.

While working at Ace Hardware Corporation, Kenneth served as the general manager in charge of merchandising. Here he managed to control a P$ L mounting to 3.2 billion for global purchasing. Additionally, he gradually increased the sales of the hand tool segment to 180 million from 9 million and overhauled the firm’s strategy and planning during inflation to a favorable annual growth of about 4.5 percent.

Being a powerful leader, Mr. Goodgame focuses on ensuring excellence in all endeavors he associates himself with. He establishes excellence through marketing, innovative merchandising, planned business strategy and streamlined financial supervision among others. Kenneth Goodgame main objective is to provide innovative solutions with an aim to enhance profitability and good performance.

About True Value Hardware Corporation

Kenneth Goodgame has had a huge impact in the operation of True Value Hardware Corporation. This company serves over 58 countries worldwide and has more than 2500 associates. Members of this great firm operate independently and own their individual stores.

True Value Hardware Corporation provides a wide range of products such as lumber, home appliances, household tools, equipment rental as well as building materials among others. According to ZoomInfo, under Kenneth Goodgame’s management this firm has grown to one of the successful firms all over the world. Can Help Provide Supplements To A Healthy Lifestyle


Dherbs full body cleanse is meant to detoxify the whole body. I will purify your inside and get rid of all of the unnecessary chemicals and built up toxins that can be stored in the body and cause a whole variety of issues. The Dherbs cleanse will remove toxins from the liver and in the blood. Not only will this cleanse toxify the internal organs and blood but it will also serve as a colon cleanse. All of these benefits will increase your energy levels and make you have an overall sense of well-being.

Dherbs offers a wide variety of quality products to the consumer market. They have everything from their whole body cleanse to ebooks and fitness water. Dherbs takes pride in being able to empower individuals to take control of their bodies and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Dherbs believes that it is possible to achieve optimal health through a combination of healthy diet and healthy mind. They state that they think that overall well-being is a combination of mindset and intention. They also feel that everyone knows their body best and that we have an internal doctor that knows what is best for us. not only provides products to help us along our journey to better health but they also offer advice and feature articles to increase their customer’s knowledge base which in turn can help them achieve independent health and nutrition goals. is and overall complete lifestyle supplement that is intended to help people be the best that they can be.  Read more about them on Wikipedia, and visit their official Instagram page.

Darius Fisher Wins This Year’s Business Development Honor

Darius Fisher was recently named Business Development Individual of the Year. The Co-founder and president of Status Labs received the prestigious award from PR World Awards. It is a program that includes the world’s best in identifying corporate communications, public relations, and marketing professionals. The award also recognizes departments, teams, and achievements from each major industry across the world.


He has made great accomplishments with Status Labs. He has guided the global online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations company to a revenue growth of 939%. The company achieved that in three years from 2012-2015. Additionally, Fisher enhanced the company’s market position by developing additional digital service offerings and creating a world-class customer base. It comprised of Fortune 500 companies as well as public figures.


Fisher’s Long-term goal setting, strategic planning, management skills of running sales teams, and valuable client relationships have been important. They built a remarkable public relations as well as online reputation management company, which continue to transform the public relations sector. The winners of the award were honored during the 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner that is held yearly. The 2016 event was hosted on June 27th in San Francisco.


Darius Fisher noted that the recognition from the PR World Awards for the well-regarded category was a great honor. Additionally, Fisher pointed out that business development was important from any firm that has long-term growth objectives. For this reason, they take relationship-building and brand partnerships seriously at Status Labs. Therefore, the recognition is an indication of his effort in the industry as well as the contributions of the whole team at Status Labs. He motivates his employees with exciting performance awards and sales goal incentives. Fisher also incorporates monthly team building events integrating community service opportunities.


About Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs. In addition, he is the co-founder of the leading digital marketing, public relations as well as online reputation management corporation. Fisher and status Lab’s objective is to assist clients have the best reputation in search results. They also aim to help firms increase their sales via effective digital marketing.


Serving as the president of the company, Fisher has built the strategic vision of Status Labs and developed partnerships with agencies. He has also hired domestic as well as international account management and sales teams. Before establishing Status Labs, Fisher was a copywriter and political consultant. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors.


Flavio Maluf Explains The Need For Both Education And Experience


Eucatex has always been popular within the borders of Brazil and in neighboring territories for its innovative range of furniture and flooring products, but writes that the arrival of Flavio Maluf as CEO has seen the company reach new levels of success as a global brand. Unlike many major business people Flavio Maluf is not driven solely by the bottom line, but is instead concerned with protecting the environment and helping the people of Sao Paulo live a more comfortable life.

Flavio Maluf has been an important part of the Eucatex family for a number of years after he returned to Brazil from New York in 1987 where he had spent a year learning about the international nature of the city and its business world. The growth of the Eucatex company since the return of Flavio in 1987 coincided with the brand growing to become a major international company through its range of wood based products; the company itself has been in existence since the 1950s, but the use of the latest technology has been growing for the last three decades under the supervision of Flavio.

Flavio Maluf understands the important role he plays in the global economy and also in the lives of the local people of Sao Paulo who work with the company and are affected by the decisions he makes. Maluf has brought security to the lives of the people of Sao Paulo by opening a new state of the art plant in the city where Eucatex creates the majority of its products; not only has Flavio Maluf created jobs in the city, but also provides funding for a number of community based products, including a maternity unit in the city. Flavio also looks to protect the environment and introduced a forestry education program that has become a global leader and yet another success for the historic Eucatex brand.

The SEC Pays the Second Largest Reward to an Informant who was represented by Labaton Sucharow.

The Labaton Sucharow law firm created a unit that offers whistleblower representation practice in 2010 and ever since it has been providing legal representation to citizens and foreigners who give information to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This establishment influenced by the creation of the whistleblower protection program that safeguards the informants and offers them a reward for their information. A whistleblower who was represented by the Labaton Sucharow law company was recently given $17 million by the SEC as an incentive of for the useful information that he had offered. This was one of the largest prizes that the commission has ever paid to an informant. According to the whistleblower protection program, 10 to 30 percent of the penalty that the SEC collects is given to the source as an incentive.


The whistleblower’s information greatly assisted the Securities and Exchange Commission in knowing the various fraudulent businesses that were being conducted by one of the top corporations in the sector. The whistleblower protected his identity by using the representation of a Labaton Sucharow attorney. The SEC did not give detailed information about the litigation since it may help the offenders in identifying the whistleblower. The whistleblower representation of the company is led by Mr. Jordan A. Thomas, who is also a senior attorney at the firm. He is highly knowledgeable about federal securities laws since he has held senior positions at the SEC. When he was employed by the commission, he was a major participant in the drafting and enacting of the whistleblower protection laws. Mr. Thomas offered legal representation to the first public company staff to be rewarded by the SEC.


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s program has encouraged the public to provide useful intelligence. They are driven by the lucrative financial reward that is offered and the assurance of having a job after providing the information. The enforcement of the law is supported by the Congress, which created the Investor Protection Fund to ensure that the informants receive their rewards in time. A deposit of $400 million has been saved in the fund account for whistleblower compensation.


Labato Sucharow law company was established about 50 years ago. The firm initially offered legal service to organizational investors, enterprises, and consumers who were caught in securities related litigations. The company was a pioneer in the provision of whistleblower representation services, and it is recognized for offering the best lawyers for complainants.

Fabletics Marie Claire

Fabletics is targeted at the average woman. It is real life fashion made for comfort and style. It is also affordable and attractive. What more could a girl ask for?

Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics is about to release a line of dresses that are made for comfort and look great too. Hudson’s Fabletics dresses is designed for women who are athletic and appreciate a more relaxed, casual look. This style is also very flexible and can be worn in a variety of places. You can literally wear it to work, out on the town at night or for a quick trip to the grocery store.

One of the advantages of Fabletics is the designs are made out of a similar fabric as her work out attire. What women like about this is it is comfortable yet snug in places most women like a little extra support. There is no need to wear uncomfortable, tight spandex under garments with Hudson’s line of clothing. The support you need is built right into the fabric. You can look great without feeling like you are being strangled.

Some of the Fabletics dresses have a bra sewn in the outfit. Others allow you to wear your own style of bra with the dress. Giving you options on is one of the goals of Hudson’s line of clothing.

Another plus with Hudson’s Fabletics is the versatility of her bathing suits. Since her target customers are active women the swimsuits were designed with this in mind. Swim wear was designed to be both sexy and sturdy without giving up style. You can play sand volleyball or take a yoga class on the beach, and still look great sitting by the pool enjoying a cold beverage.

One of the best aspects of Fabletics is this clothing line is affordable. Hudson stresses the importance of encouraging people to live an active, healthy and fit lifestyle. This is why she designed quality clothing at a price point that is reasonable for consumers to purchase. Read more at

There is a growing movement of women that demand both fashion and comfort. Hudson’s Fabletics is an answer to women who value being fit, healthy and fashionable all at the same time.

CCMP Capital Announces The Passing Of CEO Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital recently announced the untimely passing of its CEO Stephen Murray, 52. Murray served as CEO of the private equity firm for over 15 years.

It was reported last month that Murray had stepped away from his duties temporarily due to an undisclosed medical condition. Murray joined CCMP Capital after the spin-off from JP Morgan Partners. The company became Chase Capital Partners then changed to its current name in 2007. Read more: West Village Townhouse for $17 Million and 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray is credited with helping build CCMP into one of the largest private equity firm in the world. His over two decades of experience helped the company forge many partnerships and maintain great relationships with trusted clients.

“Our hearts are very heavy today. Stephen was a great friend and colleague, and we send our heartfelt condolences to his family,” said interim CEO Greg Brenneman. Murray is survived by a wife and two sons.

Stephen Murray sat on a number of boards including Merchant Bank, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Octagon Credit Investors.

“Stephen was a tremendous asset to the company and will be sorely missed,” said Brenneman. After being installed as CEO, he spearheaded raising $3.6 billion in capital, which gave CCMP a new identity. It was always Murray’s goal to build CCMP into a powerhouse that could work alongside other more established investors. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Murray’s first affiliation with CCMP was in 1989. Not long out of college, he joined the firm and worked his way through the ranks. “He was a professional in the truest sense,” said a former colleague. Murray was known to have valuable insight regarding all things finance. The vast majority of his career was spent in private equity, and at the time of his death, he was considered an industry pioneer.

Peers say they will remember him as a great investor who loved to make deals.

Darius Fisher and Superior Online Reputation Management

Darius Fisher President and Cofounder
Darius Fisher is the president and cofounder of Status Labs. He can offer his clients his first hand experience. He was able to over come controversy himself and move forward. He has the experience, skills, and the knowledge to help anyone thrive after any controversy. A fiasco can be repaired and success is available. Darius Fisher reflects his own skills and abilities. Fisher is a rising star in public relations and digital communication areas. He has been recognized in the Innovation 50 for his abilities and skills. Fisher is indeed rising to the top with Status Labs.

Reputation Matters
If you are faced with a digital reputation crisis, you can count on Darius Fisher to manage the ordeal. Public relations and reputations matter. Fisher and Status Labs know exactly what to do. A second chance for anyone is available and more than possible. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, Texas. This is a firm that was launched four years ago and has been growing at a fast pace. They have been proud to serve the following clients:
* executives
* politicians
* public figures
Polishing up search results is a specialty for Status Labs.

Serving Clients in 35 Countries
Status Labs has served over 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. This is a firm that will enable and foster sales with a highly effective PR and digital marketing strategy. Status Labs has a fine reputation and is known to deliver superior results.

A Qualified President
Darius Fisher is indeed a qualified president of a firm that is ready to manage reputations effectively. He obtained his education from Vanderbilt University. Public relations seems to be his passion. Fisher is informed and highly talented when it comes to reputations.

More information for Darius Fisher:

Twitter: @fisherdarius

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Many Accomplishments


Shaygan Kherapdpir has accomplished many great things in life. He currently lives in Naperville Illinois where he is the of a company called Coriant. It is a company in the telecommunications industry. Shaygan an American citizen of ethnic Iranian descent. In college, he was educated in business as well as engineering.

He has lived in many places around the world. His father was a doctor who treated patients for nasal and respiratory problems. Shaygan was born in London, England in the year 1960, but he also spent time in his parents native country of Iran in his childhood. When Shaygan graduated high school he was accepted into Cornell University and traveled to America to study electrical engineering. He was a very bright student who loved to learn and so after finishing his bachelor’s he chose to earn a Master’s degree as well as a doctoral degree as an electrical Engineer.

After graduating college Shaygan joined the work-force. Soon after this he landed a position at GTE where he worked on emerging technology in network routing. He rose up the ranks and was promoted to head of software systems where he pioneered innovative technology in network management platforms. As a result of his brilliance and hard work he was finally given a position at GTE’s headquarters in Dallas and from here he became the Chief Information Officer of the company. As the company’s CIO he was in charge of all the wireless and networking for the entire corporation.

GTE eventually merged with Bell Atlantic which subsequently renamed itself to Verizon. He was CIO of this new company as well as its Chief Technology Officer and president of the e-business division. At this time, Shaygan moved to New York. He led initiatives to improve the company’s operations through the use of automation and emerging technologies.

He saw the potential of FIOS to provide customers with the fastest internet they had experienced and led Verizon to create an award winning FIOS service. Shaygan decided to move on from Verizon, joining Barclays in 2011 as their Chief Operating Officer. In 2014, he became the CEO of Juniper Networks a Silicon Valley IT company where he cut costs to help improve the company’s profits. After his time at Juniper, Shaygan chose to accept the CEO position at his current company Coriant. He is bringing the company into a new era of development and building on its existing platform.

Follow Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.