Keith Mann Urges People To Show Their Gratitude Towards Police

Keith Mann is known for his generous donations and as an all-around philanthropist in the city of New York, but lately he is concerned about a group of people not generally affiliated with charity work: the NYPD. The Dynamic Search Partners founder took some time out to buy lunch for the entire 54th street precinct in an effort to boost morale among the officers following the violent acts that the police have had to deal with lately.

Along with his wife Keely, Mann bought lunch for all of the officers as a show of gratitude for all of the work that they do. The cause is something close to his heart and he admits that the violence surrounding police has been hitting close to home. Keely’s uncle serves as a Staten Island detective so the violence and general negativity around the force is worrisome.

Mann explained that lately police have been attacked at events that were supposed to be peaceful protests and this angers him because the police do so much work to help protect others. He added that he thinks most people actually feel positive towards the police, but they don’t speak up. Instead they remain the silent majority and that means all the police feel is the negative sentiment. For this reason, he urges everyone to speak up and say thank you. By buying lunch he hopes the NYPD realizes the city is behind them, and to make sure they got the gesture a few weeks later he bought the precinct lunch again.

This is obviously a cause he cares about as he took the time to remark that officers should all be thanked because they are people just like you and me. Keith Mann continued to say that they go home to their families and behind the uniform are no different then anyone else. They have training for situations that civilians will never have to encounter because they take on the risks instead.

Outside of praising the NYPD for their work Keith Mann also donates to the Uncommon Schools to help grads become equipped for tools they need to find jobs and works with Hopes and Heroes.

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