James Dondero/Stock Market 2016

Apparently, conventional wisdom does not apply to the stock market, and this may be the thing that keeps many people from throwing their hat into the pool of investors in the market. Looking at the way that the market started and closed out last year, one would most likely believe that the market was stagnant at best. A closer look would show that there was a crash in the months of September and October, but that the market rebounded in the last months of the year to its starting position at the beginning of the year. More scrutiny would show that while the crash shook investors up the, subsequent rebound did little or nothing to restore the confidence of investors.

Conventional wisdom says that the market is still a scary place in 2016. After all, oil prices of have fallen astronomically since last summer. The current price of crude, which is at its lowest in a decade, isn’t projected to rise anytime soon. This is great for consumers at the pump, but not so much for those who invest in liquid gold. However, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply to the stock market, remember? The market’s current state is one that has a tendency to yield bigger returns on the dollar, and while many are not persuaded by the present conditions, the market could pay-off in a big way for the bold and the brave. One of life’s many lessons is that bravery isn’t the absence of fear; it is action in the face of it.

James Dondero, better known by his colleagues and investors as Jim, thrives in market conditions such as they are at present. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 in his beloved Dallas, Texas, and under his leadership the company has grown to an endowment of nearly $20 billion. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm that specializes in hedge funds, distressed investment funds, and venture capital, among other investment strategies.

Jim’s knack for seeing opportunity where others may see only risk has made him a great success in the financial arena. In a time when many are weary of the current market trends, a trailblazer like Dondero stands to capitalize greatly. It is very likely that he will be most active right now while many are choosing to sit and on the sidelines and watch and wait for the bulls to take the ball back from the bears. For those whom have chosen to put their trust and money in the capable hands of Jim and Highland Capital Management, now is a time of excitement. They can expect and likely will receive high yields on their investments that will make the spectators wish that they had the guts to stop warming the bench. Here’s to 2016.

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