How Success Can Be Achieved

For anyone who enters the business world as an entrepreneur, one of the most important aspects is how to achieve success. While there are many avenues that may lead to success, knowing how to choose the right one can be a difficult task. However, for one entrepreneur, that decision never seemed hard at all. Brad Reifler, now considered one of the world’s top entrepreneurs and investors, has seen it all during his more than 30-year career. Starting his career as a young man with a dream of owning multiple companies, he has been able to achieve that dream by using a variety of techniques and strategies. Whether it has been working with world-class economists on the latest economic theories or discussing sales strategies with board members from Wall Street firms, Brad has soaked up knowledge from the best and been able to put it to work in his own business ventures, as well as sharing his knowledge with others.

Always considered a great communicator, as evident with his command of 140 characters on Twitter, Brad has used this ability to his advantage time and time again. In some instances, he may be listening to a client explain their hopes and dreams for an early retirement, while on other occasions he may be working with Fortune 500 executives on how to develop new sales and technology strategies. Whatever situation he may be dealing with at the time, Brad has always realized listening intently rather than monopolizing the conversation can reap far more benefits. Therefore, he has been able to walk the fine line when working with clients and others, making sure he offered plenty of information while also taking mental notes of new strategies he could employ in future business dealings. As he continues on his path to international business success, Brad is more determined than ever to show the new generation of entrepreneurs how success can be achieved.  He continues to advocate for diversifying your portfolio and having the determination to press on with your career.