Flavio Maluf is the Conscientious Entrepeneur of Eucatex

Eucatex is an established Brazilian company that is a stellar example of what how an international company should be managed and run. Eucatex was created in 1951, and from the beginning, it has displayed the advanced thought process of Flavio Maluf and how to develop a successful company.

Eucatex was the first company to use Eucalyptus wood to make beautiful particleboard and furniture. What really makes Eucatex stand out from most manufacturing companies is that from the company’s inception, Flavio from Twitter has been as dedicated to preserving the environment as much as he has been interested in production.

Flavio Maluf built the first mill in 1954 in Sao Paolo. It manufactured ceiling tiles and panels and soon afterward administrative offices were built in Buenos Aires and several Brazilian cities. By 1965, Eucatex was exporting to Europe, as the company grew. More mills were built across Brazil among the Eucaplyps forests.

By the late 1980s, the company was reaching over 50 countries, and Mr. Maluf had given the position of CEO to his son, but Flavio still acts as head of the company. The goal of Eucatex was to reach their goals of being significant in the market as well as producing renewable forests while respecting the environment and sustainability. Mr. Maluf has also been concerned about providing good working conditions for the employees while integrating production into the communities.

In the next few years, Mr. Maluf would add paint, doors, walls, hardboard and floorings into production. As production increased, so did preserving the environment, including the recycling and forestry administration, but this has raised Eucatex in the marketplace as an innovating company. Flavio focused on producing renewable forests and respecting environmental legislation, and this has set Eucatex apart as an excellent company. He is also obsessed with providing good working conditions for his employees as well as social integration into the communities where they are located.

Flavio Maluf has been a founder, CEO and president of the major international production of Eucatex for over 30 years. He frequently participates in charity events and volunteer programs as a way of giving back to the community. Flavio makes a great example of a conscientious and caring entrepreneur.  Check out Mr. Maluf’s entrepreneur tips to see more details about what he’s done.