Dissecting the Career of Helane Morrison

There are a lot of females in the business world that are looking up to Helane Morrison and what she represents. She is a veteran in the corporate world, but she represents a new wave of female executives that are shattering the glass ceiling. 

I have been rather impressed with the direction that Helane Morrison has gone is. She is someone that has put forth the effort to become much stronger at something that she was already good in. She knew how to build up a resume that would be invincible over time. That is what I have admired the most about her. 

For some people it would have been a nightmare to go back to school after you had already received a degree. Morrison had a degree in journalism, but her passion for law would lead her to earn her law degree. This would prove to be very valuable for the tasks that she would decide to take on. Her career would become something that would be defined by her ability to investigate on a superior level. This would be concept that would introduce her to a whole new world of job of investigating corruption. 

As she moved up in this position she would find herself in different roles as regional director for the SEC and she would eventually transition even further in other corporate roles. During her time in the business world she would cross paths with a lot of different executives. This would lead to another role as a compliance officer. That is the role that she currently has at Hall Capital. Morrison has developed a keen sense of knowledge of the rules that corporations have to proceed by. She has become an expert in this field because she knows about the things that corporations fail to do. I believe that there is a certain pattern that will exist. I think that Morrison knows how to review these companies because she has become someone that knows what to expect.

Helane is a lawyer that is part of the American Bar Association. She has different roles in many different organizations. She believes in being active in different corporate level organizations, and this plays a part in her ability to shatter the glass ceiling for women. She has this innate ability to mingle with others that are in leadership roles. That is why she has been successful thus far.

Get more information about Helane on Crunchbase or read her LinkedIn profile here >> https://www.linkedin.com/in/helane-morrison-739aa1110