Charles Koch: Men of Compassion

Even thought Charles Koch is right-wing, he does show some ideas and practices that are seen as more left wing. For one thing, he has taken a look at the current justice system and he is not happy about the condition it is in. For one thing, he and others in his group notices that it does more to harm than to help certain groups of people. Among the unexpected activities that the Koch brothers have been involved in is aligning with the ACLU and other liberal entities. He looks for ways to help people in ways that inspire independence.

Charles Koch is involved in many philanthropic activities. However, his donations go towards activities that promote the free market. He believes that the free market is the key to the improvement of the economy. Among the causes he donates to are libertarian causes such as social welfare, public policy and academic research. He has worked and donated money to advance the views of the free market. He also has underwritten scholarships. One of his passions is to get people, particularly younger people to consider being entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence. He is very supportive of efforts to teach about limited government

Mark V. Holden, a representative who speaks for Charles Koch has participated in an interview where he talks about the issues with the justice system. The justice system shows a lot of bias in the way it works. While the rich get all the privileges and the benefits, the poor get the worst treatment possible. Among the developments that have been occurring are innocent people having to plead guilty to crimes that they are not guilty of.

The way the justice system handles crime is what adds to the problem overall as opposed to adding to the solution. Holden makes a lot of huge suggestions when it comes to handling certain criminals. For instance, the non-violent offenders need to be reformed in their sentences. The worst part is in how people are treated after serving their sentences. One major problem is that there are tons of restrictions that are placed on people who have done their time. They are basically unable to land a job that has any real meaning. Their choices in housing are limited as well. Whatever reforms that are going to be put into place, it should make it easier for people to be productive in their society.