Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Have Helped Athletes Improve Their Performance By Training Their Brains

Numerous individuals come to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers with mild to severe depression. Some individuals are facing debilitating and chronic depression that can easily devastate families. Neurocore offers a comprehensive assessment based on technology to map the brain. They additionally use diagnostic measures and scales for validated symptom ratings. This helps form a picture of the symptoms. A customized program is than created based on these symptoms. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore begins with a neuro assessment to see the way the brain is working. Advanced qEEG technology is used to evaluate and measure the electrical activity of the brain. This can identify what is causing the symptoms of depression. Neurocore guilds individuals surviving on a daily basis and those so overwhelmed with stress they have shut down. The brain is trained to function better with a customized neurofeedback program.

A few years back, the Portland Trail Blazers were having major issues. Their spirit was crushed by too many defeats. The Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins performance was inconsistent. They both discovered the solution was brain training. This has been successful with conditions such as high blood pressure and chronic pain. They learned to control involuntary function by understanding their brain functions.


Both athletes turned to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers to help them achieve peak performance. The athletes were taught how to be mentally prepared for the pressure of performing. They now wind down after games by decreasing their brain activity to a serene level to ensure restorative sleep. The concept is not new and has been used for military training. Athletes psych themselves up with rituals that signal their brains to slow down so their subconscious can take over.

Endless practice leads to muscle memory. This means any task can be executed the same way every time. The reason an athlete falters is because they lose focus. The brain can be changed, exercised and placed into a better condition. This is how Neurocore helps kids with attention deficit disorder and adults with brain imbalances, anxiety, depression, migraines and post traumatic stress disorder. The improvement in the athletes mental game led to an improvement in their performance. Read more about Neurocore at