Kevin Seawright’s Long Career Of Community Service

Community service around the world has been the hallmark of areas that need a little boost. Kevin Seawright has dedicated his career to places that need a little boost, and he has used his financial education to help people most in need. Twitter shows that his career has taken him up and down the eastern seaboard, and this article explores his stellar career as a servant to the people. Managing finances properly is the simplest way to make life better for disadvantaged people across the country.

#1: Kevin Started In City Schools

Local Talk News says Kevin got his start early on working for the city schools, transportation and senior care divisions. He is a financial wizard who has created simple ways to save money that are used in many parts of various cities to this day. He saved $100,000 on a single accounting change, and he did many other things that increased cash flow for the city. The inner city people who rely on the schools, transportation and senior care benefited quite a lot because of Kevin’s wisdom.

#2: Kevin’s Move To Philadelphia

Kevin chose to go home after ten years of service in Baltimore to work with inner city families that he once saw as a child. He family brought him to the inner city to help needy families, and Kevin was charged with managing funds for the city of Philadelphia that was used to support people on low incomes. Kevin’s accounting practices made him popular among inner city advocates, and he caught the notice of Newark, New Jersey.

#3: The Newark CEDC

The Newark CEDC is the Community Economic Development Corporation for the city. The CEDC is given money that helps develop the city, and all of this money is sent past Kevin’s desk. Kevin serves as the CFO of the corporation, and he signs off on all projects before they begin. He uses his considerable financial expertise to determine which projects must be funded, and he works with other members of the executive team to ensure that the city is given the best chance of improving the impoverished and crime-ridden parts of the city.

Kevin Seawright has made himself one of the most-recognized financial gurus in the country. He has worked in public service for his entire career, and he has spent his career giving people the economic opportunities they deserve. His money management principles have helped the cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia and Newark.  SoundCloud is great for keeping in touch with Kevin and what he’s going to do next.