How Cone Marshall Has Proceeded To Embrace The International Market

Since the law firm was founded, Cone Marshall has continually implemented measures that have inspired growth and the attainment of stability. It is one of the few firms in the industry that have come up with new styles of handling cases of commercial litigation to allow for faster resolution. Over the past decade, Cone Marshall has worked with clients from different jurisdictions who were attracted by the changes and efficiency installed.


Cone Marshall has grown and become an international law firm due to the specialization it has maintained while offering services on commercial litigation. In fact, it was the first in New Zealand to come up with such a model that allows for more accuracy and easy handling of cases. It is among few that have managed to get clients from both the local market and internationally. Cone Marshall is also applauded for upholding transparency and integrity in all the activities it has handled across different networks.


In 2005, Cone Marshall took a new twist as the firm drafted new strategies that would see the attainment of success within a short period of time. These policies were drafted around the need to offer clients better and reliable services that would help them to tackle complex cases. It is during this phase that the firm has come up with a new online infrastructure where clients are able to access vital information about their orders and if necessary add files to aid in processing the case.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has invested in educating its staff about the new systems and how they can work with clients to offer accurate solutions to their problems. With such a setup, it has become easier to manage huge work load the firm receives from different clients.


The leadership team

Behind this success is a team of professionals who have worked together to offer solutions. They are responsible for drafting strategies and overseeing the implementation of what they propose to be included.


Karen Marshall is one of the focused leaders who have worked to improve the standing of the firm in both the local and international markets. She is an experienced lawyer with an experience of over 20 years. She specializes in commercial litigation, an area she worked in for 10 years before she joined Cone Marshall to work as a leader in 2005. Geoffrey Cone is also a key person who has been at Cone Marshall since 1999..

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