Sussex Healthcare Is Putting Some Heart Into The End-of-Life Care Industry

Sussex Healthcare is making a massive impact on the end-of-life care community. Changing the way that end-of-life care is handled is not only important to Sussex it’s the entire motto of the company. Sussex believes that end-of-life care needs put as much emphasis on leisure and social activities as it does healthcare. In an effort to redefine themselves in the end-of-life care community, Sussex Healthcare partnered with hospitals all around the world to offer specialized training to their employees.

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 – which now gives them over two decades of experience in their field – and since that date has opened an astounding 20 facilities. Of course, some of these facilities are nursing homes, while others are state-of-the art facilities including a daycare and a gym. While Sussex Healthcare specializes in long-term care, Sussex also offers a short-term option to its clients as well. This short-term option can be a vital option to give at home caretakers and family a much-needed break during the daytime.

One of the standout things that Sussex Healthcare offers is their therapy approach. Sussex believes in not only traditional treatment options but offers alternative treatment options to those that want it. These include things such as aromatherapy and reflexology. Sussex Healthcare works closely with local colleges and institutions that help them provide services such as Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). PMLD is a specialization of some of the centers that Sussex Healthcare offers. Specializing in treating young adults, PMLD centers focus on treating those with advanced neurological disorders. Like their nursing homes, Sussex puts an emphasis on care as well as recreation in these facilities for young adults.

Sussex thinks that people in end-of-life care should retain some of their independence wherever possible. They offer programs that allows clients to shop for their own food or in the case of young adults get jobs and attempt to live life as normally as possible. Even though some residents are allowed to get their own food, Sussex still offers a great kitchen. Sussex Healthcare has professional chefs on staff that cater to the specific nutritional needs of the individual.

As you can see, Sussex Healthcare is a progressive end-of-life care company. They have spread their reach all throughout Southern England, and they continue to add new facilities to their growing line of nursing homes and young adult homes. Sussex isn’t only turning heads they are making families closer and expanding the heart of the end-of-life care industry.

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