The Bush Center Engage series Receive A Special Support From Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management, a global alternative investment company, has given an endowment gift of $10 million to George W. Bush Presidential Center as a part of its continuous support to the organization. This multibillion-dollar company has been supporting the Center since 2012 making contributions of more than $5 prior this gift. In fact, Highland is included in the founding benefactors’ list, who aided in funding the Center’s facilities development which was opened in 2013. Read this article at

This year’s support was announced jointly by the CEO of George W. Bush Presidential Center, Kenneth Hersh and Highland Capital Management,s president and co-founder, Jim Dondero on 9th January 2018. Highland Capital Management will now be the sponsor of “Engage at the Bush Center” programming series as well as the presenters of the same.

The Engage series has been instrumental in bringing authors, newsmakers, and thought leaders together for live discussions and lectures at the Bush center throughout the year. According to Hersh, the support of Highland Capital has played a key role in molding the Center to its current state, and this gift is no doubt an incredible investment they are making. “We are extremely grateful to Jim Dondero for his commitment and look forward to continuing our efforts to bring thought-provoking programming and national newsmakers to Dallas,” said Hersh.

In Dondero’s speech during the announcement, he said that Highland was impressed by the impact the Center was having in the community, especially the important dialogues held in Engage series more on the political issues arising. It is for this reason they find pride in offering their support to the growth of the Center’s mission.


The endowment gift will offer sponsorship to different events featured in the Engage series calendar this year, inclusive of the Highland Capital Lecture annual event. More to that, Dondero will also be part of the Executive Advisory Council of the Bush Center as an indication of his commitment.

The events under this sponsorship will start on 5th of February with a 2-part program, the first being Constitutional Conversations and the second being a discussion about the current media landscape, which will be held by a panel of experts. Though admission to the event will be free of charge, guest registration at portal is a must.

The engaging series has gained popularity over time and has been very pivotal to the Bush Center. In its many programs held in the past, several diverse thought leaders and popular persons have been featured. There is also the Bush Center museum which is under the support of additional programs. Read more about Highland Capital at


Igor Cornelsen’s Secrets to Understanding Brazil’s Financial Market


For someone looking into Brazil’s banks from the outside, they may be confused by what has recently happened. It came as no surprise that Brazil’s banks were suffering from lack of economic growth due to Dilma Roussef’s populist policies. What may be surprising is that Brazil’s two top private banks saw rises by one-third during the economic troubles.

To many people, the banks may appear to be doing something illegal, but Igor offers a simpler explanation. According to Igor, banks that operate in the private sector have started lending only to borrowers who they believe has the most worthy credit. It is a way for the banks to do business and survive by providing them with some sense of security during troubled times. By private banks looking at only the most worthy, people who aren’t at the top of the ‘acceptable’ list must resort to public sector banks, use their own money, or just halt any business plans they may have and that’s what causes the economy to lock-up like it often does.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the government could easily fix these problems by implementing more market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity. Brazil has a lot to offer investors, but many are concerned about the instability of Brazil’s economy. Igor explains that there are a few things investors need to know before bringing business to Brazil. Firstly, Brazil has ten major players. Brazil is one of the largest economies in the world and the largest in South America and all that power is held by 10 privately owned banks.

Secondly, Igor believes that some fresh faces could turn things around for the better. Those who have been running Brazil have been doing a terrible job, not to say that they haven’t been creative. Many have been basing their plans on ideals rather that rational thinking. There’s a new generation of leaders leading in Brazil, and they seem to be positive influences. He also believes that Brazil could learn a lot from China.  Yolasite has more information, but Facebook is the best way to contact Igor.