Handy Helped Me To Set Up My New Home

I moved into a new home that my husband was supposed to join me in, but his flight wasn’t coming in for a couple more days because he had to stay in our old city and work. I wanted to impress my husband by having the house look sparkling clean as well as organized when he came home. I had already moved our things in, but the rooms needed some painting, and I also needed some of our things assembled because I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I also found that there were a couple light fixtures that needed replacing as well.

I only had two days to get my place looking good, so what I did was call Handy. I found out about Handy when I lived in my previous city, and since I worked with them in the past, I’ve called them for many projects around my home. I knew that the Handy workers could fix the light fixtures, clean my home, and even paint the different rooms. I made an appointment for the different workers to come out all on the same day, and they came to my home the very next day. I spent the whole day supervising different sets of workers from Handy.

What I love about Handy is the fact that they only have professional workers, whether they do cleaning, painting, plumbing, moving or other types of work. I never have to worry about the workers being experienced because only the best people work for Handy. The Handy company is in many different cities, so I’m glad to know that even though I moved, I still have access to Handy workers that can help me with the projects I need to have completed. The workers were amazing because it only took them a few hours to complete everything I needed to be done in the house.

I’m a person who believes in tipping, so I definitely showed my appreciation to each person by giving them a $10 tip or more, depending on the kind of work they were doing. I was even able to move around my furniture and put things away while the Handy workers were doing their jobs, and my place was almost completely set up by the time they left. Handy helped me to quickly get my place in order, and my husband was more than impressed when he came home to our beautiful new place.

Stock Markets First Positive Week Closing Signifies a New Beginning

For the first time this year, the stock market week ended on a positive. Experts attribute this to the recovery the oil industry from multilayer lows that it had sunk to since August last year. It was also noted that hopes of reciprocated stimulus overseas boosted this trading. By the end of the week, oil prices had settled at $32.19 and increase by over 9 percent, the biggest increase since August last year.

This positive ending was replicated in almost all the major markets in the country including Dow Jones that closed 210 points higher with Apple and Goldman Sachs contributing to its gains. The prospects that apple’s stock could jump 50 percent on the presumption that it launches iPhone 7 later in the year augured well for Dow Jones. Nevertheless, the reports could have been better were it not for the 12.1 percent dip of the American Express.
Experts also allude to the strength of the dollar as one of the pillars on which weak stocks relied on as guard against further deterioration. The announcements by the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan about the implementation of qualitative easing measures came as a significant boost in the Asian stocks. For instance, the Nikkei 225 posted an overnight 5.88 percent increase while the Shanghai Composite closed the week on an almost similar high note recording a 1.25 percent increase.
Various experts have come up trying to explain this unusual trend and what traders should expect going forward. One of the most vocal comments of the week was one made by Joe Sowin stating that the week’s rally was primarily due to short covering. Joe is the head of global equity trading at the Highland Capital Management.
Highland Capital is an American hedge fund founded more than two decades ago by James “Jim” Dondero and his co-partner Mark Okada. James has been steering the fund with its headquarters in Dallas Texas and helped it diversify its operations and open up branches in Latin American cities including Sao Paulo and Seoul. Jim is the President and portfolio manager of the firm.
Jim has over 30 years of experience in fund and investments management both independently at his firm and in the private sector. Before partnering in starting Highland Capital, James had worked with protective GIC life insurance American subsidiary as well as American Express insurance. Today apart from his leadership role at the Highland capital, Jim also sits on other boards such as the Cornerstone Healthcare. Watch Jim and his team ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.
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James Dondero/Stock Market 2016

Apparently, conventional wisdom does not apply to the stock market, and this may be the thing that keeps many people from throwing their hat into the pool of investors in the market. Looking at the way that the market started and closed out last year, one would most likely believe that the market was stagnant at best. A closer look would show that there was a crash in the months of September and October, but that the market rebounded in the last months of the year to its starting position at the beginning of the year. More scrutiny would show that while the crash shook investors up the, subsequent rebound did little or nothing to restore the confidence of investors.

Conventional wisdom says that the market is still a scary place in 2016. After all, oil prices of have fallen astronomically since last summer. The current price of crude, which is at its lowest in a decade, isn’t projected to rise anytime soon. This is great for consumers at the pump, but not so much for those who invest in liquid gold. However, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply to the stock market, remember? The market’s current state is one that has a tendency to yield bigger returns on the dollar, and while many are not persuaded by the present conditions, the market could pay-off in a big way for the bold and the brave. One of life’s many lessons is that bravery isn’t the absence of fear; it is action in the face of it.

James Dondero, better known by his colleagues and investors as Jim, thrives in market conditions such as they are at present. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 in his beloved Dallas, Texas, and under his leadership the company has grown to an endowment of nearly $20 billion. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm that specializes in hedge funds, distressed investment funds, and venture capital, among other investment strategies.

Jim’s knack for seeing opportunity where others may see only risk has made him a great success in the financial arena. In a time when many are weary of the current market trends, a trailblazer like Dondero stands to capitalize greatly. It is very likely that he will be most active right now while many are choosing to sit and on the sidelines and watch and wait for the bulls to take the ball back from the bears. For those whom have chosen to put their trust and money in the capable hands of Jim and Highland Capital Management, now is a time of excitement. They can expect and likely will receive high yields on their investments that will make the spectators wish that they had the guts to stop warming the bench. Here’s to 2016.

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