Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe’s Comments on Content Marketing

In recent news, a CEO of Brazil’s Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi, commented on the traps of content and inbound marketing in business. The old saying that propaganda is the soul of business is not by itself. There is now a saying that content is the soul of business, i.e. content marketing along with inbound marketing.

According to the CEO of Mullen Lowe, formerly Borghi Lowe, inbound marketing is a strategy that aims to attract consumers by delivering content that assists in solving problems. Through this, the brand increases ground to advertise and gains consumers’ confidence.

The concern though, according to Jose Borghi, is the strategy development. While it’s great for a customer to pay for a service or a product, many organizations use a strategy that is planned poorly and in a hurry.

Having said this, there are misunderstood concepts concerning content marketing among many companies, according to Borghi. Three important issues to consider concerning content marketing include the following: to look smart, the usefulness of it, and being present. For one, looking smart is not enough for the content marketing strategy. Secondly, content marketing that is useful is a main pillar, but it’s important to know the reader and what is useful to him/her. By asking to whom are you writing to, and from what point in the customer’s journey is he/she buying, companies would gain great knowledge to implement effective content strategy on Facebook. Also, it wouldn’t be beneficial to give testimonials of satisfied customers without knowing whether or not this is the desires of the consumer. Therefore, organizations need to provide information, not statements, according to Borghi.

As mentioned before, being present is also required. It’s fundamental for Mullen Lowe and its contents to be included throughout social networks to effective advertising. If not done strategically, the disclosed material will fall into a pile of content that is daily received nonchalantly by consumers. Additionally, a publicist of Mullen Lowe recalls that being present is more than just posting stuff and leaving. Companies must participate. They must also respond to readers who are commenting.

The bottom line is that it takes more than shallow thinking to effectively strategize content and inbound marketing. If it’s done in a shallow way, most likely the manager doesn’t realize the expected results. And thus, he/she must rethink that this strategy is an easy solution. It takes patience and preparation for success.