Human Rights Foundation Seeks Investigation into Death of Oswaldo Payá in Cuba

In late February, in Geneva, Switzerland, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) met with staff members of the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The round of high level meetings gave the HRF the opportunity to present its own findings concerning the 2012 death of Cuban dissident, Oswaldo Payá. HRF strongly believes Paya’s death was an extrajudicial execution – meaning he was killed by government authorities without due judicial proceedings. Mr. Paya fought peacefully to restore democracy and freedom to Cuba. In attendance was Paya’s daughter, Rosa Maria, demanding that the Cuban government provide official explanation for each of the violations presented in the HRF legal report.

HRF has long been a leader in advocating against closed societies, exposing dictatorships, raising awareness of human rights violations, and promoting legal scholarship in international human rights law. The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, a Venezuelan human rights advocate and film producer. Their mission adheres to the belief that all individuals have the right to speak freely, acquire and dispose of property, to freely leave and enter their country, and the right to worship in the manner of their choice. HRF firmly states that it only accepts donations from individuals who understand that the group will follow any investigations or research to whatever conclusions the foundation uncovers.

HRF’s founder, Thor Halvorssen, is also founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. This global gathering of 250 human rights activists have met annually since 2009. Participants have included journalists, donors, campaigners, Nobel Prize winners and even former child slaves. The event’s power lies in it grassroots ability to bring together a mix of activists and policy makers that can actually effect change on what they hear at the forum. The biggest impact comes from torture victims, child slaves and political prisoners who by sharing their stories can clearly illuminate the atrocities that happen within closed societies.

Mr. Halvorssen has actively produced many documentaries detailing these stories. The film Sugar Babies, which he produced is a documentary about human trafficking and the plight of farm workers in Dominican Republic. He also co-produced, Freedom’s Fury, in which he partnered with Lucy Liu and Quentin Tarantino. The film had a successful premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and tells the story of the 1956 national revolt against the government of the Hungarian People’s Republic. Mr. Halvorssen has received many awards for his human rights work, including the Presidential Silver Medal from Romanian leader Emil Constantinescu, in 2010.

Sam Tabar Legal and Financial Successes

When you look at the life of Sam Tabar it would appear that he is a man who has it all. A strategist based in the Big Apple, New York City, Tabar has been working for some of the higher end businesses for his entire adult life. He got his education from Oxford University and then got his law degree at Columbia. While there he developed his skills working at the Columbia Business Law Review as an associate editor. He then began his career working as an associate for one of the world’s most prestigious law firms, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP in 2001.

After a great beginning Tabar moved into capital strategy and business development and eventually went to work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch accepting the position of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Pacific-Asia Region. After a successful stint in that position he went back to the legal field working as a Senior Associate catering to fund formation and structure, hedge funds and compliance issues his company and/or clients might have faced. In 2004, he went back to the world of high finance joining PMA Investment Advisors who are based in Hong Kong.

While in this position, LinkedIn shows Tabar’s career skyrocketed as he Managing Director &Co-Head of Business Development at PMA. It was his leadership that all facets of global marketing and relations with investors were created and managed by him in a $2 billion hedge fund. He also created and ran a well thought out marketing plan targeting institutional investors, large family offices, and global clients that were of significant net-worth for his firm. His main contribution might just have been the large list of potential contacts that he provided to his firm. There were over 2,000 potential qualified investors. He was a major cog in all business development related matters raising nearly $1.2 billion in assets for his employer. indicates from there Sam Tabar bounced back and forth between legal and financial responsibilities until 2014. Each job that he took there was success and money was made. He used his Asian connections to help create new Hedge Fund opportunities for clients, guiding investment capital toward lucrative deals and providing introductions of key people in financial transactions. Whatever Sam has done, it is clear that success has followed him. He is a world renowned lawyer and valuable financial strategist. His Asian connections make him one of the most valuable people in finance.  Sam Tabar is the COO of Full Cycle Fund, a position Street Insider indicates he’s just taken.

Dissecting the Career of Helane Morrison

There are a lot of females in the business world that are looking up to Helane Morrison and what she represents. She is a veteran in the corporate world, but she represents a new wave of female executives that are shattering the glass ceiling. 

I have been rather impressed with the direction that Helane Morrison has gone is. She is someone that has put forth the effort to become much stronger at something that she was already good in. She knew how to build up a resume that would be invincible over time. That is what I have admired the most about her. 

For some people it would have been a nightmare to go back to school after you had already received a degree. Morrison had a degree in journalism, but her passion for law would lead her to earn her law degree. This would prove to be very valuable for the tasks that she would decide to take on. Her career would become something that would be defined by her ability to investigate on a superior level. This would be concept that would introduce her to a whole new world of job of investigating corruption. 

As she moved up in this position she would find herself in different roles as regional director for the SEC and she would eventually transition even further in other corporate roles. During her time in the business world she would cross paths with a lot of different executives. This would lead to another role as a compliance officer. That is the role that she currently has at Hall Capital. Morrison has developed a keen sense of knowledge of the rules that corporations have to proceed by. She has become an expert in this field because she knows about the things that corporations fail to do. I believe that there is a certain pattern that will exist. I think that Morrison knows how to review these companies because she has become someone that knows what to expect.

Helane is a lawyer that is part of the American Bar Association. She has different roles in many different organizations. She believes in being active in different corporate level organizations, and this plays a part in her ability to shatter the glass ceiling for women. She has this innate ability to mingle with others that are in leadership roles. That is why she has been successful thus far.

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Bob Reina’s Vision For Success And Talk Fusion

Learn About Video Communication Company Talk Fusion

One of my favorite companies to watch in the marketing industry is a video communication company that is growing exponentially, according to the Alexa Ratings. According to this rating system, Talk Fusion actually has more visitors coming to their website than any other business in direct sales within the entire world. This is a lofty thing to say about any company, so you know that Talk Fusion’s services must be reliable. Their testimonials are spot on too. They have a high quality video communication service that includes high quality video and audio transmissions.

Talk Fusion is light years ahead of their competitors, but they still offer the same great service that they always have offered, and it is available to clients at a fraction of what the other companies are charging for their services. In terms of their success, it is estimated that Talk Fusion has around 200,000 distributors of their services throughout the world. Their distributors are active in their pursuits in 114 countries.

Talk Fusion’s Backstory

Every great company has a successful individual standing in the wings who brought the company to where it is today. For Talk Fusion, that successful individual is Bob Reina. He worked his way up to the top 1 percent of income makers in several direct selling companies when he started out in the networking industry.


Then, one day Bob Reina decided to leave the police academy for direct selling. He took on the career as his full time job. He continued to excel at it in every way. He even started his own company. That company was called Cash Card Worldwide. Next, Bob decided that he wanted to make it possible for folks to send videos of around 10 minutes in length through their emails. The 10 minute video was made, and it has been improved over again since then.

Dick DeVos Officially Endorses Marco Rubio

Michigan businessman and philanthropist Dick DeVos recently announced in an interview with the Detroit News that he will be backing Marco Rubio in his bid for the Republican party’s presidential nominee. The DeVos family has been active in politics for decades and has provided considerable financial support to various Republican contenders throughout this presidential race ( Dick DeVos is no stranger to the political race himself. He ran for governor of Michigan in 2006 and has remained an active advocate for various political issues since then. In particular, DeVos has been a strong supporter of choice in school systems and educational reform. 

DeVos’ professional experience is wide ranging and makes a very impressive resume. He currently serves as President of The Windquest Group, a private investment management company . Before that, DeVos served as President of Amway and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic (Source: New Netherland Institute personal profile). Along with his extensive professional obligations, DeVos has made a name for himself by giving back to the community. DeVos founded the Education Freedom Fund, which is dedicated to providing scholarship opportunities to Michigan high school students. DeVos’ passion for education is obvious from his support of aviation education as the founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy for high school students interested in aviation, which is a special interest for DeVos as he is an accomplished pilot himself. He has served on the Michigan State Board of Education.

Philanthropy and business have deep roots in the DeVos family. Along with his wife, Betsy, DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation to support community and educational initiatives. The DeVos family is also a generous donor to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. Among the many accolades the DeVos family has received for its generous philanthropic initiatives, DeVos received the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving Award in 2010.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DeVos’ unique life experiences and his insights into community activism, business ventures and philanthropy helped form the foundation for the book he published in 1997, Rediscovering American Values. DeVos utilizes his optimistic outlook and personal experiences to provide perspective on how Americans can capitalize on their own personal responsibility to improve the quality of their lives as well as the lives of people around them.

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