Flavio Maluf is the Conscientious Entrepeneur of Eucatex

Eucatex is an established Brazilian company that is a stellar example of what how an international company should be managed and run. Eucatex was created in 1951, and from the beginning, it has displayed the advanced thought process of Flavio Maluf and how to develop a successful company.

Eucatex was the first company to use Eucalyptus wood to make beautiful particleboard and furniture. What really makes Eucatex stand out from most manufacturing companies is that from the company’s inception, Flavio from Twitter has been as dedicated to preserving the environment as much as he has been interested in production.

Flavio Maluf built the first mill in 1954 in Sao Paolo. It manufactured ceiling tiles and panels and soon afterward administrative offices were built in Buenos Aires and several Brazilian cities. By 1965, Eucatex was exporting to Europe, as the company grew. More mills were built across Brazil among the Eucaplyps forests.

By the late 1980s, the company was reaching over 50 countries, and Mr. Maluf had given the position of CEO to his son, but Flavio still acts as head of the company. The goal of Eucatex was to reach their goals of being significant in the market as well as producing renewable forests while respecting the environment and sustainability. Mr. Maluf has also been concerned about providing good working conditions for the employees while integrating production into the communities.

In the next few years, Mr. Maluf would add paint, doors, walls, hardboard and floorings into production. As production increased, so did preserving the environment, including the recycling and forestry administration, but this has raised Eucatex in the marketplace as an innovating company. Flavio focused on producing renewable forests and respecting environmental legislation, and this has set Eucatex apart as an excellent company. He is also obsessed with providing good working conditions for his employees as well as social integration into the communities where they are located.

Flavio Maluf has been a founder, CEO and president of the major international production of Eucatex for over 30 years. He frequently participates in charity events and volunteer programs as a way of giving back to the community. Flavio makes a great example of a conscientious and caring entrepreneur.  Check out Mr. Maluf’s entrepreneur tips to see more details about what he’s done.

Kevin Seawright’s Long Career Of Community Service

Community service around the world has been the hallmark of areas that need a little boost. Kevin Seawright has dedicated his career to places that need a little boost, and he has used his financial education to help people most in need. Twitter shows that his career has taken him up and down the eastern seaboard, and this article explores his stellar career as a servant to the people. Managing finances properly is the simplest way to make life better for disadvantaged people across the country.

#1: Kevin Started In City Schools

Local Talk News says Kevin got his start early on working for the city schools, transportation and senior care divisions. He is a financial wizard who has created simple ways to save money that are used in many parts of various cities to this day. He saved $100,000 on a single accounting change, and he did many other things that increased cash flow for the city. The inner city people who rely on the schools, transportation and senior care benefited quite a lot because of Kevin’s wisdom.

#2: Kevin’s Move To Philadelphia

Kevin chose to go home after ten years of service in Baltimore to work with inner city families that he once saw as a child. He family brought him to the inner city to help needy families, and Kevin was charged with managing funds for the city of Philadelphia that was used to support people on low incomes. Kevin’s accounting practices made him popular among inner city advocates, and he caught the notice of Newark, New Jersey.

#3: The Newark CEDC

The Newark CEDC is the Community Economic Development Corporation for the city. The CEDC is given money that helps develop the city, and all of this money is sent past Kevin’s desk. Kevin serves as the CFO of the corporation, and he signs off on all projects before they begin. He uses his considerable financial expertise to determine which projects must be funded, and he works with other members of the executive team to ensure that the city is given the best chance of improving the impoverished and crime-ridden parts of the city.

Kevin Seawright has made himself one of the most-recognized financial gurus in the country. He has worked in public service for his entire career, and he has spent his career giving people the economic opportunities they deserve. His money management principles have helped the cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia and Newark.  SoundCloud is great for keeping in touch with Kevin and what he’s going to do next.

Coriant Appoints Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a leading global networking solutions provider that principally supplies hardware and software for optical transmission, and is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and Naperville, USA. The company focuses on coping with rapid-changing video, cloud and mobility applications, as well as meeting the ever increasing demands of network operators and their customers. Coriant offers dynamic packet optical transport solutions to simplify network operations, and high quality and distinct software to ensure that customers get the best experience. Other products include optical LAN and broadband access, integrated optical planning solutions, intelligent network management, edge routing solutions, and MSSP solutions.

Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Optical Networks and Sycamore Networks joined forces in March 2013 to form the telecom company. In May 2013, the company was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, and separated from Nokia Siemens Networks.

Government agencies; cloud and data center providers; and mobile and fixed network operators are among 500 customers that Coriant boasts of. Other clients include utility companies, financial institutions and other leading network operators. The company has branches in more than 100 countries across six continents and has about 3000 employees in 2016. Plans are underway to amalgamate Coriant and one of its parent companies, Tellabs, to improve product range.

Shaygan Kheradpir, who holds a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in electrical engineering-control systems from Cornell University, is the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board at Coriant. The highly experienced leader was appointed CEO in September 2013, replacing Pat DiPietro, after shortly working as an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Previously, Kheradpir held an executive position at GTE Laboratories, which later merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. He was the Executive Vice President and first Chief Information Officer at Verizon Communications. In addition to spearheading innovation, system modernization and efficiency, Shaygan contributed to the development and execution of Verizon’s FiOS, a fiber optic video initiative that had an initial capital investment of at least $20 billion.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays in January 2011 as Chief Operations Officer. He was named the Chief Operations and Technology Officer in March 2013, and subsequently became the first technology executive to join the bank’s Executive Team. He contributed to the development of the popular Transform program. In January 2014, Shaygan was appointed CEO of Juniper Networks, where he is famously remembered for creating the company’s Integrated Operating Plan to counter increased demands from activist investors.

Folly Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter and LinkedIn

How Helane Morrison Is Keeping the Wolves At Bay

It’s amazing just how long the phrase “wolves of Wall Street” has been associated with the stock market and the ensnaring investment scene of stocks, trading, and funds. The average patron is merely a lamb, vulnerable and naive. The credibility toll from corrupt broker scandals has left us shattered and bleeding and feeling impotent in the loss and disposition of our investment funds. Further, we now appear to be in a “holding pattern” until after the upcoming presidential election. 

After obtaining her law degree and gathering experience, Helane Morrison’s step into the office of Supreme Court Justice, Harry A, Blackmun (a champion for women’s rights), would help target her life’s passion–the concept of equality. 

Subsequently, she relocated to a San Francisco law firm, working for ten years in business litigation and defense of private securities. After a series of major investigations into corrupt traders, Ms. Morrison garnered the attention of the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange. Morrison made a real difference throughout the securities sector as the SEC office head of enforcement and regional director, the first woman in history to earn that title. She was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters in Northern California as well as an additional five northwest states. Among numerous financial fraud cases, Morrison was also involved in the protection of senior citizens against fraud and the abolishment of insider trading and market manipulation. 

After crashing the proverbial “glass ceiling” and the “old boys club”, her most important career move occurred when she joined Hall Capital, an investment advisory firm in San Francisco, as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. Hall Capital is an industry powerhouse completely run by women who have a deep understanding of what it is like to be a hard-working businesswoman, wife, mother, and often head-of-household. The firm’s focus is on the protection and investment management of major foundations and endowment funds and promotes personal behaviors and incentives through a flexible schedule. 

Working hand in hand with the firm’s focus of life/work balance, this attractive lady is active on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation and has been awarded the title Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector. 

Fortunately, the powerful jaws of advocate Helane Morrison is keeping the wolves at bay. We need more strong, intelligent women like Morrison successfully performing watchdog services in the financial industry!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helane_Morrison

Darius Fisher Earned Recognition

Darius Fisher is The Rising Public Relations Star
Darius Fisher just may be the rising star within public relations and digital communications. Mr. Fisher is the President of Status Labs. This firm deals with crisis Management. The company can even clear up your Google search results with their services.

The Innovation
According to PR Newswire The President and Co-Founder of Status Labs, Mr. Darius Fisher, has now been named one of PRweek’s innovation 50. This is a list that recognized the 2015’s biggest stars of digital communication and PR. Fisher claimed that is has been an honor to be recognized as an individual who is well-respected within the entire industry.

PRWeek Applauded Darius Fisher
Darius Fisher has indeed been applauded by PRWeek. His company, Status Labs, has also received a kudos for the overall highly impressive work and skills. This includes:
* crisis management
* the ability to clean and polish Google search results
* reputation repair
* for the assistance of victims of the Ashley Madison hack
Honorable mentions for the entire team of Status Labs and their character-filled leader, Darius Fisher, has been applauded and acknowledged.

Status Labs Has The Experience
Darius Fisher and his team at Status Labs have the ability to empathize with each and every client. Fisher and his entire team know exactly what it takes to manage any crisis while repairing reputations. Darius Fisher has assembled an impressive and talented team at Status Labs. The experience had rooted with their CEO, Mr. Fisher. He is a qualified individual who had lived through his own crisis. He passed his own skills and experience on to his entire team at Status Labs. Their experiences enables them to greatly assist others in their own PR management. This company has experienced a continued growth. Their own success has come from experience.

Darius Fisher and Digital Reputations
Darius Fisher is deserving of his current “star” status. He is viewed as an individual who has been rising in public relations and digital reputation management. He reflects his own business. He was able to overcome his own crisis and experience his own earned success. His character and accomplishments speak volumes.

About Reputation Management

Status Labs, a highly regarded company in the reputation management industry, announces the addition of a new board advisor to the company. Status Labs is glad to bring on board, Mike Paul, president of Reputation Doctor. Mike is a top rated crisis PR professional. Mr Paul has a lot of experience in strategic insight and counsel and is one of the sought after experts in the industry. The President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, feels that partnering with Mike Paul is a smart decision that will help Status Labs grow and prosper.

Many companies, business owners, individuals and entrepreneurs use online reputation management as a public relations solution to shape the way their profiles are viewed online. Online reputation management firms are highly sought after because of the positive impact their services make on companies and people’s profiles.

Online reputation management consists of looking for credentials, contacting many people online, promoting positive information, and pushing down derogatory information and negative reviews found on the Internet. When it comes to specific review sites, you can remove untrue, accusatory content from search engine results.

Status Labs has many years of experience in the image management field. As a highly reliable company, Status Labs uses top notch tools and techniques to effectively manage their clients’ reputation online. These professionals provide regular reports containing detailed graphs that measure their progress on all of the key phrases over the length of the project, so you can see the progress as your online visibility increases.

Status Labs is well established and recognized as a leading firm in online Reputation Management. The company has been rendering reputation management solutions for companies, corporations, and high-profile individuals. Status Labs is regularly featured as leaders in the field, by media major outlets.

With Status Labs, you get the only effective solution to get rid of damaging material. Status Labs offers a long term solution that eliminates the visibility of the negative web content and ensures protection against future threats. Status Labs provides reputation management solutions that work quickly and efficiently, minimizing or suppressing derogatory or adverse information.

Coriant and the New CEO

Coriant is a telecommunications company that sells a variety of software and hardware for the core network of data, voice and mobile networks. Coriant was founded in 2013 and offers their services worldwide. They now have more than 3,000 dedicated employees and have headquarters in Munich and Naperville, Germany, as well as the United States. Coriant offers services and products such as optical planning solutions, optical transport solutions, intelligent network management, edge routing solutions and optical lan and broadband access.

Coriant has over 35 years of experience when it comes to assisting their customers in getting the most out of their transport networks, which is ideal, as the bandwidth demand for businesses skyrockets.

Coriant is at the top of their class, offering superb synchronization for ever changing mobile networks and providing excellent hybrid switching for service agnostic framework. They also offer decreased power consumption for DCI applications. They are also top in their class for being able to adapt to optical transport.

CEO and Chairman of the Board Shaygan Kheradpir, can take a lot of the credit for Coriant’s explosion in its recent success. Shaygan has over 38 years experience in the telecom, technology and also the financial service industry. Starting his extensive career at GTE Corporation, Shaygan quickly became a leader of a team that was directly responsible for implementing one of the biggest infrastructure programs in the United States Fios, worth more than $20 billion. After his successful run at the GTE Corporation, Shaygan joined the company Barclays, and soon transformed the bank for the 21st century throughout 50 countries.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London on December 19, 1960, however, Shaygan was raised in Iran. From there Shaygan relocated to the United States to further his education. He attended Cornell University and subsequently acquired a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a doctoral in electrical engineering. During his stent at Cornell University, he was a member of the engineering council. Shaygan also owns several patents, including telecom, media and payments. Considering Shaygan’s young age, there is little doubt that he will continue to strive!