Charles Koch: Men of Compassion

Even thought Charles Koch is right-wing, he does show some ideas and practices that are seen as more left wing. For one thing, he has taken a look at the current justice system and he is not happy about the condition it is in. For one thing, he and others in his group notices that it does more to harm than to help certain groups of people. Among the unexpected activities that the Koch brothers have been involved in is aligning with the ACLU and other liberal entities. He looks for ways to help people in ways that inspire independence.

Charles Koch is involved in many philanthropic activities. However, his donations go towards activities that promote the free market. He believes that the free market is the key to the improvement of the economy. Among the causes he donates to are libertarian causes such as social welfare, public policy and academic research. He has worked and donated money to advance the views of the free market. He also has underwritten scholarships. One of his passions is to get people, particularly younger people to consider being entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence. He is very supportive of efforts to teach about limited government

Mark V. Holden, a representative who speaks for Charles Koch has participated in an interview where he talks about the issues with the justice system. The justice system shows a lot of bias in the way it works. While the rich get all the privileges and the benefits, the poor get the worst treatment possible. Among the developments that have been occurring are innocent people having to plead guilty to crimes that they are not guilty of.

The way the justice system handles crime is what adds to the problem overall as opposed to adding to the solution. Holden makes a lot of huge suggestions when it comes to handling certain criminals. For instance, the non-violent offenders need to be reformed in their sentences. The worst part is in how people are treated after serving their sentences. One major problem is that there are tons of restrictions that are placed on people who have done their time. They are basically unable to land a job that has any real meaning. Their choices in housing are limited as well. Whatever reforms that are going to be put into place, it should make it easier for people to be productive in their society.

Keith Mann Urges People To Show Their Gratitude Towards Police

Keith Mann is known for his generous donations and as an all-around philanthropist in the city of New York, but lately he is concerned about a group of people not generally affiliated with charity work: the NYPD. The Dynamic Search Partners founder took some time out to buy lunch for the entire 54th street precinct in an effort to boost morale among the officers following the violent acts that the police have had to deal with lately.

Along with his wife Keely, Mann bought lunch for all of the officers as a show of gratitude for all of the work that they do. The cause is something close to his heart and he admits that the violence surrounding police has been hitting close to home. Keely’s uncle serves as a Staten Island detective so the violence and general negativity around the force is worrisome.

Mann explained that lately police have been attacked at events that were supposed to be peaceful protests and this angers him because the police do so much work to help protect others. He added that he thinks most people actually feel positive towards the police, but they don’t speak up. Instead they remain the silent majority and that means all the police feel is the negative sentiment. For this reason, he urges everyone to speak up and say thank you. By buying lunch he hopes the NYPD realizes the city is behind them, and to make sure they got the gesture a few weeks later he bought the precinct lunch again.

This is obviously a cause he cares about as he took the time to remark that officers should all be thanked because they are people just like you and me. Keith Mann continued to say that they go home to their families and behind the uniform are no different then anyone else. They have training for situations that civilians will never have to encounter because they take on the risks instead.

Outside of praising the NYPD for their work Keith Mann also donates to the Uncommon Schools to help grads become equipped for tools they need to find jobs and works with Hopes and Heroes.

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Handy Helped Me To Set Up My New Home

I moved into a new home that my husband was supposed to join me in, but his flight wasn’t coming in for a couple more days because he had to stay in our old city and work. I wanted to impress my husband by having the house look sparkling clean as well as organized when he came home. I had already moved our things in, but the rooms needed some painting, and I also needed some of our things assembled because I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I also found that there were a couple light fixtures that needed replacing as well.

I only had two days to get my place looking good, so what I did was call Handy. I found out about Handy when I lived in my previous city, and since I worked with them in the past, I’ve called them for many projects around my home. I knew that the Handy workers could fix the light fixtures, clean my home, and even paint the different rooms. I made an appointment for the different workers to come out all on the same day, and they came to my home the very next day. I spent the whole day supervising different sets of workers from Handy.

What I love about Handy is the fact that they only have professional workers, whether they do cleaning, painting, plumbing, moving or other types of work. I never have to worry about the workers being experienced because only the best people work for Handy. The Handy company is in many different cities, so I’m glad to know that even though I moved, I still have access to Handy workers that can help me with the projects I need to have completed. The workers were amazing because it only took them a few hours to complete everything I needed to be done in the house.

I’m a person who believes in tipping, so I definitely showed my appreciation to each person by giving them a $10 tip or more, depending on the kind of work they were doing. I was even able to move around my furniture and put things away while the Handy workers were doing their jobs, and my place was almost completely set up by the time they left. Handy helped me to quickly get my place in order, and my husband was more than impressed when he came home to our beautiful new place.

Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign Is A Beacon For New Smiles

Recent statistics reveal approximately 7,000 babies are born each year with a cleft palate or cleft lip, also referred to as “harelip,” yet Dr. Avi Weisfogel says there is something everyone can do to help; donate to his GoFundMe campaign. Proceeds go to Operation Smile, a medical charity organization that provides free surgical assistance to indigent families. It’s one of the largest charities for children in the world, working in more than 60 countries to help heal smiles. Check more:

The cleft lip and palate is a malformation, characterized by a slit in the upper lip that goes up to the base of the nose. It is also often associated with a separation or slit in the roof of the mouth. One in 10 of these children born will die before their first birthday. Children who do survive are often unable to communicate, eat, or even smile. In many places, they are rejected, and in far too many cases, parents are unable to meet the costs of necessary surgeries. Operation Smile partners with health professionals and health organizations around the world to provide a free surgery, yet there still is a lack of funds. The surgery itself remains free but costs for pre-analysis, anesthesia and drugs are still a factor. Dr. Weisfogel believes every child deserves a future filled with hope, thus he started the GoFundMe campaign to help support the mission of Operation Smile, and offset some of these costs.

A Commitment to Helping Others

With early vision and commitment, Weisfogel opened his own dental care facility in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and then went on to create a new innovative business model that fused dental and medical science. What started as a means of helping dental patients with sleep apnea problems became guided by runaway popularity. Dr. Weisfogel co-founded Dental Sleep Masters, training dental professionals on the hallmark of marketing to sleep apnea patients, and his forward-thinking development strategy has enabled his business to grow and expand strongly.

More recently, Avi Weisfogel champions weighty causes, like his devotion to raising money for Operation Smile. “Helping find meaningful solutions have always been a desire of mine, and partnering with this organization is invaluable.”

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Stock Markets First Positive Week Closing Signifies a New Beginning

For the first time this year, the stock market week ended on a positive. Experts attribute this to the recovery the oil industry from multilayer lows that it had sunk to since August last year. It was also noted that hopes of reciprocated stimulus overseas boosted this trading. By the end of the week, oil prices had settled at $32.19 and increase by over 9 percent, the biggest increase since August last year.

This positive ending was replicated in almost all the major markets in the country including Dow Jones that closed 210 points higher with Apple and Goldman Sachs contributing to its gains. The prospects that apple’s stock could jump 50 percent on the presumption that it launches iPhone 7 later in the year augured well for Dow Jones. Nevertheless, the reports could have been better were it not for the 12.1 percent dip of the American Express.
Experts also allude to the strength of the dollar as one of the pillars on which weak stocks relied on as guard against further deterioration. The announcements by the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan about the implementation of qualitative easing measures came as a significant boost in the Asian stocks. For instance, the Nikkei 225 posted an overnight 5.88 percent increase while the Shanghai Composite closed the week on an almost similar high note recording a 1.25 percent increase.
Various experts have come up trying to explain this unusual trend and what traders should expect going forward. One of the most vocal comments of the week was one made by Joe Sowin stating that the week’s rally was primarily due to short covering. Joe is the head of global equity trading at the Highland Capital Management.
Highland Capital is an American hedge fund founded more than two decades ago by James “Jim” Dondero and his co-partner Mark Okada. James has been steering the fund with its headquarters in Dallas Texas and helped it diversify its operations and open up branches in Latin American cities including Sao Paulo and Seoul. Jim is the President and portfolio manager of the firm.
Jim has over 30 years of experience in fund and investments management both independently at his firm and in the private sector. Before partnering in starting Highland Capital, James had worked with protective GIC life insurance American subsidiary as well as American Express insurance. Today apart from his leadership role at the Highland capital, Jim also sits on other boards such as the Cornerstone Healthcare. Watch Jim and his team ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.
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Greg Hague, of Scottsdale, Arizona is among others an attorney, law professor, author to name but a few. Mr. Hague also happens to be a business partner with Harvey Mackay, who happens to be New York Times best seller, and author of the Swim with the Sharks. Hague is best known for shaking up things in the residential real estate industry where he not only has built several real estate’s firms but also speaks at events countrywide.

Greg characterizes the traditional home selling process as ”hope marketing” as agents just put up a sign board in the yard as well as running few ads, hold open houses among others with the hope of a buyer coming. Greg compares the traditional selling method as a loaf of bread placed on the shelf. In the article published in Forbes, Greg views the fact that apps such as Amazon and Apple sales level strategies aren’t used to sell real estates as ridiculous. He further adds that the apple process for launching an iPhone worth $500 is way complicated as compared to the real estate industry for putting a $500,000 home on the market.

Mr. Hague plans on turning around the traditional home selling process through his newest venture, the Real Estate Mavericks, which is a real estate coaching company. Greg has come up with a 22 Step Home Launch Formula and a 29 Day Fast Sale Plan as initial steps in better directions. Through his coaching company, Greg aims at teaching real estate’s agents of the latest marketing skills for selling a home such as sending a private message to other agents in the community to make them aware of a desirable homecoming to the market. These are to name but a few of the many skills he equips agents. Hague hopes to do away with the old guard rule of residential real estate that causes slow sales and a deflate in prices. To get a full read of the article, visit the link:

Greg Hague is not only the founder of real estate coaching company, the Real Estates Mavericks but also the Chief Executive Officer of Harvey Mackay University. Mr. Hague attended the Miami University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Hague also has a Juris Doctor degree from the American University Washington College Of Law. This entrepreneur is renowned for his Real Estate Mavericks Company.

Real Estate Mavericks, is an outstanding real estate coaching company aimed at teaching real estate’s agents new home selling techniques. The company’s founder is Mr. Greg Hague, who also happens to be the coach and has an extensive knowledge of experience in the field.


Ross Abelow is one of top minds and lawyers in the New York area. Today he agreed to sit down with us and talk. Today we are speaking with him about how to nail a job interview in a New York law firm.

“Nailing a job like this is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. Working in one of these top-notch law firms is every New Yorker’s dream, which means you have to play your cards right. You have to play the game and be better than all the others. You could have graduated top-of-your-class, but without the right credentials you are screwed.”

–Ross Abelow

Ross sat with us for a bit. He illustrated a plan of action that every law students needs to follow, if they want to nail that job here in New York.

1)It used to be that credentials were everything. This is not the name of the game anymore. Right from the start employers want new associates to start pulling their weight. New associates used to be coddled until they were ready to advance. Now new employers are expected to thrive from day one.

This is due to trying to reinvent the wheel in the office. More bosses are trying to throw away what is not working.

“Most first-years are not prepared for how hard they have to work. Right from day one they are expected to prove themselves. There is not hand-holding here. If this is how you want to be treated, find another place. Every chair is expected to uphold the position with the highest of honors. We do not babysit people. Reality will set in once you reach one of our firms.”

–Ross Abelow

2)You have to be a team-player right from day one. It’s important to work by yourself and be a self-starter too. Our associates must prove how much of a team player they can be. There is not half way on this.

3)If you are interviewing with one of our firms, you are expected to ask the tough questions. Based on what sort of questions candidates ask during the interview, this will show how worthy they really are. The more research you do on us, the better your chances are at getting a job with us.


If you have not done so already, please research Ross Abelow. Some of his links are down below. This will give you an insight on how you need to approach it all. We thank Ross for time with us today. Being the best means working with the best. How prepared are you?

Also, here is a recent article regarding Ross Abelow’s legal services:

How Sam Tabar Juggled a Career as an Attorney and Capital Strategist

Sam Tabar is an American lawyer, entrepreneur and capital strategist based in New York City. During his free time, he likes to host events where he can freely interact with guests. Sam is a linguist. He is fluent in French. Sam has enjoyed a career as an attorney and capital strategist. His hard work ethic has seen him hold various leadership positions that have had a positive impact in his career.

Sam received his undergraduate degree from the prestigious Oxford University in 2000. Later, he joined Columbia Law School where he graduated with a Law degree. While in Columbia, he was appointed the Associate Editor for the school paper, the Columbia Business Law Review. Sam’s career took off at Skadden, Arps, Slater and Meagher & Flom LLP, a global and prestigious law firm. He served as an associate. In his position at Skadden, he dealt with issues pertaining to investments and investment management contracts, compliance and regulatory, private placement memorandum contracts and employments.

After working at Skadden for three years, he moved to PMA Investment, which is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong based Sparx Group. He started as a legal advisor and later became the managing director and business development co-head. In his position, he created good investor relations and managed the global marketing sector. By creating a strategic marketing plan, Sam was able to woo high net worth family enterprises, individuals and corporations. Through his efforts, the firm was able to raise $1.2 billion in assets and a Rolodex of more than 2000 investors. By working closely with the founding partners of PMA Investment, Sam was able to bring in innovative ideas that have proven profitable for the firm.

Sam worked for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch as the capital strategy head and director. Mr. Tabar was in charge of the Pacific- Asia zone. He specialized in offering counsel to hedge fund clients. Later, Sam resumed his law career and joined Adanac LLC, BVI and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Mr. Tabar was at the firm for a short period before leaving to focus on his private investments.

Sam was introduced to Antonia and Miki, the owners of THINX, via a mutual friend, and they even inspired him to create his own GoFundMe to continue doing good for Africa. At the time, Sam was not interested in investing in the company but after interacting with the two and going through their business model, he was fascinated. He invested in the firm. By use of his experience and influence, Sam has helped the enterprise remarkable growth in the market.  He;s also an avid photographer, frequently utilizing mediums like Instagram to showcase his amateur works.

How Success Can Be Achieved

For anyone who enters the business world as an entrepreneur, one of the most important aspects is how to achieve success. While there are many avenues that may lead to success, knowing how to choose the right one can be a difficult task. However, for one entrepreneur, that decision never seemed hard at all. Brad Reifler, now considered one of the world’s top entrepreneurs and investors, has seen it all during his more than 30-year career. Starting his career as a young man with a dream of owning multiple companies, he has been able to achieve that dream by using a variety of techniques and strategies. Whether it has been working with world-class economists on the latest economic theories or discussing sales strategies with board members from Wall Street firms, Brad has soaked up knowledge from the best and been able to put it to work in his own business ventures, as well as sharing his knowledge with others.

Always considered a great communicator, as evident with his command of 140 characters on Twitter, Brad has used this ability to his advantage time and time again. In some instances, he may be listening to a client explain their hopes and dreams for an early retirement, while on other occasions he may be working with Fortune 500 executives on how to develop new sales and technology strategies. Whatever situation he may be dealing with at the time, Brad has always realized listening intently rather than monopolizing the conversation can reap far more benefits. Therefore, he has been able to walk the fine line when working with clients and others, making sure he offered plenty of information while also taking mental notes of new strategies he could employ in future business dealings. As he continues on his path to international business success, Brad is more determined than ever to show the new generation of entrepreneurs how success can be achieved.  He continues to advocate for diversifying your portfolio and having the determination to press on with your career.

James Dondero/Stock Market 2016

Apparently, conventional wisdom does not apply to the stock market, and this may be the thing that keeps many people from throwing their hat into the pool of investors in the market. Looking at the way that the market started and closed out last year, one would most likely believe that the market was stagnant at best. A closer look would show that there was a crash in the months of September and October, but that the market rebounded in the last months of the year to its starting position at the beginning of the year. More scrutiny would show that while the crash shook investors up the, subsequent rebound did little or nothing to restore the confidence of investors.

Conventional wisdom says that the market is still a scary place in 2016. After all, oil prices of have fallen astronomically since last summer. The current price of crude, which is at its lowest in a decade, isn’t projected to rise anytime soon. This is great for consumers at the pump, but not so much for those who invest in liquid gold. However, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply to the stock market, remember? The market’s current state is one that has a tendency to yield bigger returns on the dollar, and while many are not persuaded by the present conditions, the market could pay-off in a big way for the bold and the brave. One of life’s many lessons is that bravery isn’t the absence of fear; it is action in the face of it.

James Dondero, better known by his colleagues and investors as Jim, thrives in market conditions such as they are at present. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 in his beloved Dallas, Texas, and under his leadership the company has grown to an endowment of nearly $20 billion. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm that specializes in hedge funds, distressed investment funds, and venture capital, among other investment strategies.

Jim’s knack for seeing opportunity where others may see only risk has made him a great success in the financial arena. In a time when many are weary of the current market trends, a trailblazer like Dondero stands to capitalize greatly. It is very likely that he will be most active right now while many are choosing to sit and on the sidelines and watch and wait for the bulls to take the ball back from the bears. For those whom have chosen to put their trust and money in the capable hands of Jim and Highland Capital Management, now is a time of excitement. They can expect and likely will receive high yields on their investments that will make the spectators wish that they had the guts to stop warming the bench. Here’s to 2016.

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