Guilherme Paulus Top Businessman

Guilherme Paulus rose to become one of the most influential and successful businessmen in the history of Brazil. In 2009 in sold a portion of his company CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., a company with he found it for $420 Million.

Guilherme Paulus currently sits as the chairman of the board of directors of CVC Brasil, a position he has held since October 2013. Since CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. was founded back in 1972, it has since grown to include 209 across various markets.

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With offices in over 23 states in Brazil and in multiple locations across the globe, CVC is currently one of the top ten tourism companies in the world. In 2013, Paulus joined the Forbes list of billionaires a rare achievement by any businessman. Guilherme was able to grow his fortune by aggressively building strategies to expand the markets reached by CVC. In addition to his aggressive implementing business strategies in an effort to grow his tourism company, in 2005 he began investing heavily into the hotel markets. Eventually founding his first hotel and resorts company, Guilherme Paulus named GJP Group. By the time the World Cup will come to Brazil in 2014 and a short two years later the Summer Olympics. GJP Group had already positioned themselves as a well-established hotel chain poised and ready to reap the benefits the surge of economic activity associated with these two events.

On his journey to acquire his fortune, Guilherme Paulus is responsible for enhancing the lives of many people around him and his business practices. Today, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A is responsible for employing over 3000 employees, while simultaneously doing business with over 1000 suppliers. A philanthropies at heart makes Paulus one of the most well respected and well-liked businessmen in the country.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Have Helped Athletes Improve Their Performance By Training Their Brains

Numerous individuals come to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers with mild to severe depression. Some individuals are facing debilitating and chronic depression that can easily devastate families. Neurocore offers a comprehensive assessment based on technology to map the brain. They additionally use diagnostic measures and scales for validated symptom ratings. This helps form a picture of the symptoms. A customized program is than created based on these symptoms. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore begins with a neuro assessment to see the way the brain is working. Advanced qEEG technology is used to evaluate and measure the electrical activity of the brain. This can identify what is causing the symptoms of depression. Neurocore guilds individuals surviving on a daily basis and those so overwhelmed with stress they have shut down. The brain is trained to function better with a customized neurofeedback program.

A few years back, the Portland Trail Blazers were having major issues. Their spirit was crushed by too many defeats. The Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins performance was inconsistent. They both discovered the solution was brain training. This has been successful with conditions such as high blood pressure and chronic pain. They learned to control involuntary function by understanding their brain functions.


Both athletes turned to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers to help them achieve peak performance. The athletes were taught how to be mentally prepared for the pressure of performing. They now wind down after games by decreasing their brain activity to a serene level to ensure restorative sleep. The concept is not new and has been used for military training. Athletes psych themselves up with rituals that signal their brains to slow down so their subconscious can take over.

Endless practice leads to muscle memory. This means any task can be executed the same way every time. The reason an athlete falters is because they lose focus. The brain can be changed, exercised and placed into a better condition. This is how Neurocore helps kids with attention deficit disorder and adults with brain imbalances, anxiety, depression, migraines and post traumatic stress disorder. The improvement in the athletes mental game led to an improvement in their performance. Read more about Neurocore at

What To Know About Investing In Freedom Checks

Investing is always a good idea. Investing leads to additional forms of income. Having multiple streams of income lead to a more comfortable lifestyle. Freedom Checks is a relatively new way for people to invest their money and receive a high return. Visit to know more.

Freedom Checks is believed by some to be associated with the government. In actually, it is not run or issued out by the federal government. However, there are some federal laws that do pertain to these checks. The law is Statue 26-F which allows for over five hundred businesses in the energy sector to issues large sums of money to investors. That is one of the perks of why investors flock to this tax free income producing opportunity.

The type of companies that issues these checks are master limited partnerships. MLP companies operate in the oil, energy and gas industry. For these companies to receive certain tax breaks they must give away fifty cents for every dollar earned through revenue. Freedom Checks are considered to be distributions and some investors receive six figure checks every quarter. These kinds of returns are rather impressive when compared to traditional securities that return investors at least half less than what these MLP’s are giving out to investors. Traditional securities typically pay 50 to 67 percent less.


Investors like the tax benefits that come from this type of investment since MLPS are exempt from income tax. Investors and these companies pay a tiny tax on gains. This is quite the incentive. Why are these companies and their investors exempt from taxes? This goes back to President Nixon and his belief that the nation needed to produced more energy. By rewarding investors with no income tax, this causes more Americans to want to invest in domestic energy companies.

The way Freedom Checks works is similar to how real estate trusts works and other tax free investments. It is required for ninety percent of income to go to investors. Finance experts recommend investments like this for people to get involved in. Especially, since a person can get involved with as little as fifty dollars. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

GoBuyside Eases Talent Search through Technology

Recruitment is a crucial process in defining the objectives of a company. Not only can it break the company’s potential to succeed but also mend its future relationships with prospective clients. Nevertheless, when it comes to selecting the right candidate for the job, many factors can contribute to the failure of getting a perfect match for the client. However, even with these factors, all is not lost because the advent of technology has changed the process of recruitment in many firms. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

The new era of technology and social media use has changed the way many organizations conduct their recruitment processes. To make it easy for the client and the candidate, local agencies have taken the initiative of doing interviews in regards to finding the perfect match for a client. Today, the easiest way of finding these candidates is by posting the vacancy and waiting for their resumes to be uploaded to the client portal. With this new procedure of conducting business, one company that has adapted so fast is GoBuyside.

Based in New York, GoBuyside is a modern talent search firm that uses advanced technology to monitor, evaluate and poach candidates for the available job vacancies. To achieve this, GoBuyside keeps a closer look at the current job trends with the aim of assessing different shifts in the industry of finance. Also, the company utilizes technology-based approaches towards recruitment.


Because GoBuyside frequently checks up on the trends in finance, decentralization comes up as the central aspect of this industry. Through the Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is clear that most people work from their homes. Also, a report released in 2015 showed that out of the employed individuals, about 24 percent worked from home. From this report, it is clear that most employers are not concerned about their employee’s workstations. Instead, they are interested in the performance key indicators and the value they bring to work. In such a case, GoBuyside is tasked with the responsibility of hiring the most competitive candidates.

Founded by Arjun K, GoBuyside is a modern recruitment platform that works with private equity organizations, alongside other investment managers to select the right employees for Fortune 500 companies from different geographical areas. Read this article at Accesswire.

Matt Badiali Wants Investors To Understand The Value of Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali has been putting in the time to get the message out to the public about Freedom Checks, which are an investment opportunity that many people didn’t understand in the beginning. The more a person invests into these, the more they stand to receive back, and some investors have received hundreds of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter how old a person is or how much money they make, anyone can begin to collect checks once they make an investment. Company’s that take part in the program that allows investors to cash in must make 90 percent of their revenue from the processing, storage, transportation, or production of natural resources, and mainly oil or gas. These companies must be based in the United States, and people can invest as low as $10. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali has revealed that Freedom Checks are actually known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and that these are publicly traded. This gives them tax advantages that partnerships receive, which means that investors must be paid out first before any profits are taxed. The companies involved also have plenty of cash flow, and many of them are companies that seek out new oil wells, transport gas or oil through pipelines, or that refine oil that originates in oil fields that are located within the U.S.A. While the marketing of Freedom Checks put some people off, it enticed others and motivated them to look deeper into what they were. This has helped them to create a new line of cash flow. Learn more about Matt on

It was back in 1987 when Congress decided to enact Statute 26-F, which allows companies that meet the requirements to give their stakeholders checks as payouts. Matt Badiali believes that these companies will be sending out the revenue payments every month or every three months, because they must do so in order to keep their tax-exempt status alive. The great thing about this opportunity is that it is a solid one because more American companies are beginning to increase the amount of oil and gas they produce while less oil is being imported from the Middle East. Thanks to fracking, American oil companies should be seeing more profits, which means more Freedom Checks for investors.

Matt Badiali is a science educated college graduate who turned to investing and the financial world before completing his Ph.D. He uses his knowledge and expertise to find the best investment opportunities, which he passes down to the readers of Banyan Hill Publishing newsletters.


Paul Mampilly On An Important Medical Breakthrough

On March 12, 2018, Stock Gumshoe posted an article entitled, “‘Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History’ from Paul Mampilly”. This article goes on to talk about information from Paul Mampilly, who is the author of the Profits Unlimited newsletter published by Banyan Hill. In this article, Mampilly talks about a medical company that is leading the industry right now. Visit to know more.

He claims that it may be more important than any medication, vaccine, or medical device ever created.

Right now, Paul Mampilly is only releasing teasers for his upcoming article, “Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History”. Some of the hints he has released detail that a mid-Western medical company is responsible for the breakthrough and that it is a $1.5 billion company. The phrase “precision medicine” comes up a lot. It is speculated that the company Paul Mampilly is referring to is Myriad Genetics from Utah. Myriad Genetics is known for being a diagnostics company that sells tests to check for the presence of cancer. Myriad offers a variety of tests in order for people to determine if they have certain genetic risk factors for deadly diseases such as breast cancer or colon cancer.

The article goes on to detail Myriad Genetic’s stocks and how their stock prices have rose tremendously in the past few years. In fact, their stock rose from $1.5 billion to $2.2 billion over the past few months. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Paul Mampilly is an author at Banyan Hill.

Currently, he is the senior editor of Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes, all of which are published through Banyan Hill. He graduated from Fordham University in 1996 with an MBA. He also formed Capuchin Consulting and considers himself a proven investment expert. Mampilly also once worked with Kinetics International Fund. Paul Mampilly has been featured on various national news networks for his genius knowledge of money and investments.

Sussex Healthcare Is Putting Some Heart Into The End-of-Life Care Industry

Sussex Healthcare is making a massive impact on the end-of-life care community. Changing the way that end-of-life care is handled is not only important to Sussex it’s the entire motto of the company. Sussex believes that end-of-life care needs put as much emphasis on leisure and social activities as it does healthcare. In an effort to redefine themselves in the end-of-life care community, Sussex Healthcare partnered with hospitals all around the world to offer specialized training to their employees.

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 – which now gives them over two decades of experience in their field – and since that date has opened an astounding 20 facilities. Of course, some of these facilities are nursing homes, while others are state-of-the art facilities including a daycare and a gym. While Sussex Healthcare specializes in long-term care, Sussex also offers a short-term option to its clients as well. This short-term option can be a vital option to give at home caretakers and family a much-needed break during the daytime.

One of the standout things that Sussex Healthcare offers is their therapy approach. Sussex believes in not only traditional treatment options but offers alternative treatment options to those that want it. These include things such as aromatherapy and reflexology. Sussex Healthcare works closely with local colleges and institutions that help them provide services such as Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). PMLD is a specialization of some of the centers that Sussex Healthcare offers. Specializing in treating young adults, PMLD centers focus on treating those with advanced neurological disorders. Like their nursing homes, Sussex puts an emphasis on care as well as recreation in these facilities for young adults.

Sussex thinks that people in end-of-life care should retain some of their independence wherever possible. They offer programs that allows clients to shop for their own food or in the case of young adults get jobs and attempt to live life as normally as possible. Even though some residents are allowed to get their own food, Sussex still offers a great kitchen. Sussex Healthcare has professional chefs on staff that cater to the specific nutritional needs of the individual.

As you can see, Sussex Healthcare is a progressive end-of-life care company. They have spread their reach all throughout Southern England, and they continue to add new facilities to their growing line of nursing homes and young adult homes. Sussex isn’t only turning heads they are making families closer and expanding the heart of the end-of-life care industry.

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Barbara Stokes Brings Knowledge and Experience to Green Structure Homes Delivered

After a natural disaster, it is important that decent shelter be provided to victims whose homes have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable and Green Structure Homes Delivered, based in Huntsville, Alabama, provides modular homes, as a contractor with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that can be erected in just days on site using local labor since they’re built off-site using local materials. These modular homes are essential to rebuilding communities since in many cases, once people are forced to move away, they are unlikely to return since they provide shelter as well as jobs that are lost after major natural disasters. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

CEO Barbara Stokes and her husband, Scott Stokes COO, founded GSH in 2008 and by 2012 started manufacturing these small homes that can fit in someone’s driveway. The homes use wood and steel frames and have “real” kitchens and bathrooms. As well as being well built and safe, the homes are constructed with environmentally friendly materials. These buildings are mildew, mold and pest resistant and are customizable in order to accommodate any size family. Additionally, the buildings can withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour. Also included in the design is a fire suppression system as an added layer of safety for the homes. Further, the roofs are made of reflective steel and incorporates R-19 value insulation making them energy efficient. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University. She concentrated on Thermodynamics and Technical Communication courses and in addition, Structures and Properties of Materials, Circuit Analysis and received business experience at Pisces Company, a fish processing products company, and Boing before founding GSH. She has extensive experience in government contracting that she brings to GSH. Barbara actively volunteers in her community and is the mother of three.


Whitney Wolfe Is Back In Court With Tinder Once More

The last time Whitney Wolfe made headlines, it was because she sued her co-workers at Tinder. This time it is Tinder that is suing her. Whitney Wolfe left Tinder after a sexual harassment case began, a case which was settlement for only one million dollars.

On first glance, it appears that the lawsuit filed against Whitney Wolfe is frivolous.

After leaving Tinder, she started her own dating app called Bumble. It was an app with one interesting, unique feature: women had all the power. The app operated in much the same way as most modern dating apps. Users were given profiles and pictures of potential partners and they swiped left or right as a way of saying yes or no. When both parties have swiped yes on each other, they will be allowed to speak to each other through the program. Bumble’s unique feature is that women are the ones who are given the power to initiate contact; men merely had to sit back and wait for women who were interested to contact them.

Tinder seems to have an issue with Bumble using the swipe feature as a way to say yes or no. Whitney Wolfe says that their intentions are different though. Wolfe believes that Tinder is suing Bumble simply because Wolfe is refusing to sell her company. After negotiations between the two entities fell through, wolfe says that Tinder is resorting to dastardly techniques to run her out of business.

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“We swipe left on you,” a public response from Bumble read, in response to Tinder’s lawsuit. “We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and, now, to intimidate us.” the letter continued. “We’ll never be yours.”

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe’s most famous ventures are with Tinder and Bumble and for good reason. Her work in the dating app industry is revolutionary. She has been named Business Insider’s 30 Most Important women Under 30 in Tech, and was named one of Elle’s Women in Tech. She has also been featured in Forbes, wired Uk, and other prominent names in print.

Wolfe gained her education from the Southern Methodist University, and she majored in international studies. During her time in college, she began her first real business venture, selling bamboo tote bags. Whitney Wolfe is the wife of Michael Herd.

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The Bush Center Engage series Receive A Special Support From Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management, a global alternative investment company, has given an endowment gift of $10 million to George W. Bush Presidential Center as a part of its continuous support to the organization. This multibillion-dollar company has been supporting the Center since 2012 making contributions of more than $5 prior this gift. In fact, Highland is included in the founding benefactors’ list, who aided in funding the Center’s facilities development which was opened in 2013. Read this article at

This year’s support was announced jointly by the CEO of George W. Bush Presidential Center, Kenneth Hersh and Highland Capital Management,s president and co-founder, Jim Dondero on 9th January 2018. Highland Capital Management will now be the sponsor of “Engage at the Bush Center” programming series as well as the presenters of the same.

The Engage series has been instrumental in bringing authors, newsmakers, and thought leaders together for live discussions and lectures at the Bush center throughout the year. According to Hersh, the support of Highland Capital has played a key role in molding the Center to its current state, and this gift is no doubt an incredible investment they are making. “We are extremely grateful to Jim Dondero for his commitment and look forward to continuing our efforts to bring thought-provoking programming and national newsmakers to Dallas,” said Hersh.

In Dondero’s speech during the announcement, he said that Highland was impressed by the impact the Center was having in the community, especially the important dialogues held in Engage series more on the political issues arising. It is for this reason they find pride in offering their support to the growth of the Center’s mission.


The endowment gift will offer sponsorship to different events featured in the Engage series calendar this year, inclusive of the Highland Capital Lecture annual event. More to that, Dondero will also be part of the Executive Advisory Council of the Bush Center as an indication of his commitment.

The events under this sponsorship will start on 5th of February with a 2-part program, the first being Constitutional Conversations and the second being a discussion about the current media landscape, which will be held by a panel of experts. Though admission to the event will be free of charge, guest registration at portal is a must.

The engaging series has gained popularity over time and has been very pivotal to the Bush Center. In its many programs held in the past, several diverse thought leaders and popular persons have been featured. There is also the Bush Center museum which is under the support of additional programs. Read more about Highland Capital at